Meet The Fashionable Funeral Director, Megan Fischer!

I'm very excited to introduce a notable and fashionable woman whose passion for quality death care and serving individual needs make her a beloved star in her community. Who says Hollywood has the rights to all that shimmers? Megan is a real person from California who touches the lives of many through her work, brightening the room with non-conventional colors found in your typical funeral home through her personal clothing style and personality.

For those who might not be familiar, could you briefly describe what you do or the services you offer?

Hi, I'm Megan Ashley Fischer. I work for Care Center Cremation & Burial FD 2097 in San Diego, California, which is a full service mortuary. I am a Funeral Director and Embalmer.

Why did you choose to take on the path you're currently on? What do you like about it the  most?

Working in the Funeral Industry was something I had always wanted to do. Initially I was talked out of pursuing this as a career. Luckily, with the various jobs and educational programs I found myself in throughout the years, coming to the Funeral Industry was a natural transition for me and those experiences and the training I received has helped me immensely in this field. 

 What I enjoy most about my career is getting to share my passion for death care through education with the public. I love serving my community and being someone they can trust to get them the answers they need when they need them most.

Can you share one or two memorable stories doing what you do?

To me, being in this industry means doing whatever it takes to be of service. My very first day on the job I was asked to work a night visitation. The widow had brought in her young son and their family dog. I asked myself if the shoe were on the other foot, what would I need in that moment. Without hesitation I had the son set up with a plethora of entertainment and was out the door to walk the dog to get their wiggles out. This memory has stuck with me because often times what being of service truly means can't be found in a handbook or taught in mortuary science school. It is all about having the ability to know what to do for that family in that precise moment.

We want to know what makes people love YOU. Why does your organization stand out?

People love me because I break any preconceived ideas they may have had of what a Funeral Director and Embalmer is, how they show up for their community and what they may look like. 

 Our organization stands out because of the people who work here and how we make ourselves a valuable resource to our community. We're also a care center for other funeral homes meaning other mortuaries believe in our abilities to assist in serving their own families which is truly an honor to be respected and trusted by your peers.
Photos taken from @megtheembalmer. Megan with Mark Schulman at the NFDA (National Funeral Director's Association) Convention in Las Vegas, September 2023.


What advice would you give to someone who's interested in following in your footsteps?

Do your research. Interview other industry professionals. Ask if you can shadow them for a day to make sure your heart is in it for the right reasons. This job is a calling and as such it often calls in the middle of the night requiring you to quickly respond and switch gears. That being said, this career is also very rewarding and I encourage anyone who is considering this line of work to go for it and jump in with both feet.

Have you heard of custom cremation jewelry before? Do you think it's beautiful or sacrilegious ? Be honest! Have your clients ever expressed interest in having a special keepsake of this type?

I am familiar with custom cremation jewelry and we are often asked questions about what cremation products are available. Jewelry is a popular choice that families are drawn to and I believe this is because they can continue to keep their loved ones close to them in this form.

We make cremation jewelry here that's all handmade with glass & metal by artisans at Miracle Memorial. We definitely work with funeral directors like yourself! For everyone else who might be interested, do check out more info on being a Miracle Worker here.

We want to get to know you more! What do you like to do for fun? What do you enjoy in life? What sort of things do you like that sums up your personality?

When I'm not working I enjoy going to baseball games and concerts with my husband. The pandemic found me trying out all kinds of new hobbies and I can say that gardening, baking and watercolor painting seemed to stick. I am also passionate about animals and their welfare. At any given moment I may have a litter of foster kittens as I volunteer with the San Diego Humane Society, which makes for a fun houseful when you add in my six adopted shelter pets. I am the founder of San Diego Death Connection which aims to bring together local individuals within the Death Care Industry for various events with the end goal always benefiting the community. And one of the highlights for me each month is in attending The Deathling Book Club, were we come together to discuss our latest book pick that centers around the themes of death, dying and grief.

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Date 11/18/2023

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