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  • Solid 14k white gold cremation ring with human ashes in glass stone, blue crushed seashells, and glitter.
  • Black ceramic cremation inlay ring with pet dog ashes
  • Sterling silver cremation ring with pet dog ashes in glass
  • Fillable crystal cremation necklace jewelry
  • Cremation ring made with ashes and pink dried flowers in glass


Cremation Glass Stones. Precious Metals & Gems. All-Natural Add-ons. No Resin. No Yellowing. Heirloom Pieces. FOREVER.
The only piece of jewelry that shows the uniqueness and beauty of every individual from their pure and unaltered ashes.

Lifetime Guarantee.


Step 1.


Would you like a CUSTOM cremation keepsake where you or your funeral home or vet send ashes/fur/hair to be made permanently in stone? 

Move to Step 2.

If not, would you prefer not having ashes sent and have something you, your funeral home, or vet can fill in? 

Shop at our participating locations!

Step 2.


Go to CUSTOM CREMATION JEWELRY and find the category you'd like (necklace, ring, bracelet, etc.).

Choose your favorite piece(s). Determine what DNA inclusions (ashes, hair, fur, etc.) you'd like to be made into stone.

DNA inclusions specifications: Write, if any,  ideas of how you want each inclusion to be placed in your stone. Or you can leave that up to our creativity!

Step 3.


Stone add-ons are optional. They are what's added inside your stone along with your ashes. They include dried flowers, crushed seashells, gravel, metallic flakes, glitter, gemstones, etc. This is optional. Plain ashes are very beautiful and unique on their own!  

Under Stone add-on specifications, you will write, if not choosing plain, what color(s) of the add-on you picked. Example would be light blue and regular blue flowers with gold flakes. You can also, if any, suggest placement of the add-ons. You can say something like, "put the flowers on the bottom half of the stone." Or, you can leave that to our creativity!

Step 4.


Once you choose all the options you want available to the piece(s) you selected, you're ready to check out! 

Once you've done that, you or your funeral home/vet will get instructions via e-mail on how and where to send your inclusions. That's it!

Have any more questions? Visit our FAQ or contact us.



Unique ashes from different people and pets

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