Want to check up on the status of your cremation jewelry order? No need to contact us to find out! Use the calculator below to know when to expect your package. 

Make sure you've already sent your inclusions (ashes/fur/hair, etc) in your package and have sent us the tracking number for it before you use this tool. You will need that date from when we receive this package, not the date you placed your order. 

Calculate how many business days it's been since we've received your package here.  Business days exclude weekends and US federal holidays. Your turnaround time starts from when we receive your package, and again, not the date you placed your order. 

You picked one of three choices for shipping turnaround times at checkout and are as follows: Standard, Expedited, or Guaranteed. Any specific date you'd like to receive your package by will be upon request. Please write this down in your notes at checkout.

  • Standard: Up to 60 business days 
  • Expedited: Up to 30 business days
  • Guaranteed: Up to 20 business days

START DATE: Input the date of when we received your package (either through your tracking number or the date of when you received the e-mail from us when we checked in your package.
END DATE: Input today's date (Yes, include last day).

You can expect your package to be completed within that time frame, with the time frame being on the earlier side of the range during non-holidays or on the latter side of the range around holidays.

NEED IT SOONER? You can upgrade your turnaround time after placing your order HERE.

Business Days Calculator