Holiday Christmas Urn Keepsake Ornaments on SALE!

Holiday Urn Ornaments-ON SALE!

Fill your loved one's ashes in the comfort of your own home with this shatter-proof urn keepsake ornament. The acrylic outer shell protects your loved one's ashes secured in the glass vial inside. A wispy angel wing feather wraps around the glass vial to remind you that your dearly beloved is now in heaven but always with you. Each ornament comes with a funnel so you can easily do this on our own. Give it away as gifts on Christmas or during memorial service! This is surely something to be treasured year round and not just during holidays. 

You can choose no text, CUSTOM TEXT, a family member (mom, dad, son, daughter, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa), or pet images (paw print, horse, cardinal bird, etc.)

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