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How can I be a dealer for your memorial keepsakes?

You will have to own or manage a funeral home or crematorium or similar industry to be a dealer. If you are, you can apply here.

After submitting your application, it can take up to 2 weeks to be either approved or rejected after a series of verification.

Once approved, CONGRATULATIONS! You can now log-in with your wholesaler account and start purchasing keepsakes at wholesale directly via the website, miraclememorial.com

I’ve been approved as a dealer! What do I do next?

CONGRATULATIONS! You can now log-in with your wholesaler account with the username and password you indicated on your application and start purchasing keepsakes at wholesale directly via the website, miraclememorial.com

You may also request a catalog that will be sent snail mail that you can display and show to your customers. This catalog does not contain prices, so make sure to check the website for the most updated pricing, both for your wholesale discount and retail price. It also does not cover all products. Again, refer to the website for a comprehensive list of products to offer your clients. Products shown in the catalog are pieces that can have a much faster turnaround time* for creation and getting to the customer via your facility. This faster turnaround does not apply to necklaces that include engraved charms.


You may also show your customers the website directly but making sure you aren’t logged in as a wholesaler so they can see retail pricing. Once they’ve made their selection, add it to your cart, then log-in with your wholesaler account to complete your transaction. You are responsible for collecting payment from your customer. We only handle your payment as a dealer. Your earnings will be the profit you make from the difference between retail and wholesale pricing. Please refer to the website when you are logged in for the latest discount and pricing.


You can purchase the sample kit to show your customers what certain keepsakes look like, how they feel etc. You may also show your customers the gallery to show them regularly updated photos of customers’ keepsakes. The gallery also shows lots of examples of the different add-ons (eg dried flowers, crushed seashells, etc.) and how they look on ashes and different pieces. The photos will also show the uniqueness of ashes, so they can be sure that their loved ones’ or pets’ cremains are really what is in their jewelry’s stone.

How do I go about ordering for my customers?

Once your customer picks what they’d like as a keepsake, either by showing them the catalog or going to the website, you need to log in thereafter on the website with your dealer account. We suggest collecting their full payment once they make their order with you. Regardless of how you decide on your customers’ payment, you as the dealer will need to pay in full when you place your order on their behalf.

You may choose to have your customers’ keepsakes shipped directly to them or to your facility for them to pick up by filling out the shipping details accordingly. The billing information will be from your business. However, you will need to include your customer’s full name, e-mail address, and phone number in the notes at checkout for several reasons including but not limited to: contacting them for styling or sizing questions pertaining to their order and reviewing their keepsakes.

I’ve made a sale! I just made an order on behalf of a customer. What’s next?

Awesome work! You will need to familiarize yourself with the process to explain to your customers or answer questions they may have. You will need to set aside the right amount of ashes from their loved ones’ or pets’ cremains to be used in their keepsakes, packaged and labeled per instructions.


If you are within approx. a 30mi radius of 21221, one of our team members can pick up ashes from your facility to take directly to our location on a weekly basis. Date and time can be arranged per funeral home. Instructions below for packing and labeling cremains apply to picking up as well.

If your facility is not within that radius or you choose to send cremains more frequently than weekly, please ship cremains set aside for jewelry from customers to our location via USPS Express. You are responsible for the postage to our location. You may send multiple cremains in one shipment, labeled both inside and outside the package per instructions below:

You will need to send about 1/8th teaspoon of cremains per pendant per customer via USPS Express if within the US (or an equivalent if International) secured inside a double zip loc bag. Each customer will have their own separate bag. If sending whiskers/hair/fur along with cremains, they need to be in a separate bag but kept inside the customer’s double zip loc bag. If a customer orders a set of jewelry (eg, a necklace and a ring), you will need to send about 1/4 tsp of cremains.


Please label the outside of your Express package/envelope with the order# or order numbers (if sending multiple cremains). Inside the package, please label the outermost zip loc bag with your order#, the full name of your customer, and the name of the deceased roughly in this format: ORDER # – CUSTOMER NAME – DECEASED NAME

Please send your package’s tracking number to hello(at)miraclememorial(dot)com as soon as sending. Do not require signature confirmation.

Send to:
Miracle Memorial
914 Kinwat Ave.,
Essex, MD 21221
United States


Turnaround time starts from when we receive your ashes, not from when you place your customer’s order. For Standard shipping, turnaround is about 5-10 weeks. Weeks leading up and around holidays will have longer turnaround times. Expedited shipping is available as well as Guaranteed shipping if needed by a certain date. Please refer to the website for the most accurate turnaround and pricing. Any Guaranteed orders require you to add the date by needed in the notes at checkout.


Rest assured if your customer needs their jewelry repaired, Miracle Memorial comes with a lifetime guarantee. We want them to be happy with their keepsake for a lifetime, as long as Miracle Memorial is in business. You may return their jewelry to be complimentary repaired or exchanged if the damage is due to the creation process or to no fault of their own, otherwise a small fee is charged according to the severity of the damage. If it’s damage due to no fault of their own, we will cover the repair for free. Tarnishing is not considered damage and is a natural process that metals go through. It may come alive again with cleaning and polishing.

If the customer is not satisfied with the appearance of the keepsake with no damages, please have them reach out to the artist to arrange a possible do-over by contacting us. In some cases, this may not be possible. A refund cannot be applied in that case.

Please discuss cases of returns or repairs on a case per case basis by contacting us.

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