Forever Faithful x Miracle Memorial

We're so pleased to announce that we've partnered with Forever Faithful Pet Cremation in Woodbine, Maryland

You can now purchase Miracle Memorial fillable keepsakes there that are only available at your local funeral homes, vets, and other retail stores. These keepsakes are just perfect bereavement gifts to take home and to show someone you are thinking of them during a loss. No need to wait for days, weeks, or even months from other online retailers to get the comfort keepsake you need right away. Stop by and pick up something you can take home today.

Is your local funeral home or pet store not carrying our products but you'd like to help bring our keepsakes to the customers they serve? Have them apply to be our partner as well. We'd love to work together!

Forever Faithful is one of the few crematoriums in America that prides itself in keeping most of what they do in house and local. While others are owned by larger companies outside the country, Forever Faithful is a name you can count on to care for your needs, be honest and transparent, and respectful with their process. This is why we're proud to be serving you side by side with them!

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