Meet Mortician Petite Mukami Ng'ang'a from Kenya

I am pleased to announce our first SPOTLIGHT feature for outstanding females in the funeral world. Her name is Petite, and she hails all the way from Kenya, Africa. I found her on Instagram as @african_embalmer. Read her inspiring interview and give her a follow!

For those who might not be familiar, could you briefly describe what you do or the services you offer?

Petite Ng’ang’a is a certified Mortician and works for Murang’a County Government, Central part of Kenya. I am also one of the co-founders of Faraja Last Honors funeral services. We offer 'FARAJA' (Relief) by taking away the hard work of planning and executing a funeral by offering a one stop shop for all funeral needs. I am also a National Executive Committee official and the coordinator Kenya Peer Support group at Mortician & Allied Association Professionals of Kenya.

Why did you choose to take on the path you're currently on? What do you like about it the  most? 

I liked binge watching forensic files ever since I was young. I was curious on how the different murder cases were solved. This translated to me attending to burials of either my classmates, friends or family due to curiosity of how the deceased were preserved. I was drawn to the funeral industry because of the innate desire to provide comfort and support to grieving families which can be incredibly rewarding. Faraja Last Honors helps families navigate the complexities of planning a funeral and providing them with compassionate care during a difficult time.

Can you share one or two memorable stories doing what you do?

Going through a personal experience of loss did deepen my empathy and understanding for the families we serve. I lost one of my closest cousins Michael Mzungu through a grisly accident. Being able to identify his body at the mortuary and helping his family plan the burial till the end made me have a personal reflection about my profession. I found myself in a position where I needed to navigate my personal grief while continuing to fulfill my professional responsibilities. This can be challenging, as we are accustomed to supporting others in their grief rather than receiving support ourselves. In essence, morticians, like anyone else, are impacted by the death of their close family members. The unique aspect is that we have a professional background that revolves around death and grief, which can influence how we process our emotions and seek support. Also, the immense support from my family, relatives and friends made the grieving and planning process a bit easier.

We want to know what makes people love YOU. Why does your organization stand out?

People love me because I am personable. People find it easy to approach and engage with me. My open and friendly demeanor makes me seem more accessible and inviting to conversations and interactions. Faraja Last Honors utilizes technology to enhance the funeral experience. Livestreaming the service for those who can't attend in person, creating online memorial pages, or using virtual reality to showcase memories.

What advice would you give to someone who's interested in following in your footsteps?

Working in the funeral services industry is a calling that requires a genuine commitment to helping others during difficult times. It can be a rewarding career, but it's also important to take care of yourself while you care for others.

Have you heard of custom cremation jewelry before? Do you think it's beautiful or sacrilegious ? Be honest! Have your clients ever expressed interest in having a special keepsake of this type? 

I got to know about the custom cremation jewelry through Memorials Boutique just the other day. I think it is a very beautiful thing because it's deeply personal. My clients have never expressed interest in it because most have no idea that such special jewelry do exist. I would love to create awareness of customized cremation jewelry.

We make cremation jewelry here at Miracle Memorial, and we definitely work with funeral homes and morticians like yourself in creating awareness around such special jewelry! We'd love to have you be a representative in Kenya! You can learn more about collaborating by being a Miracle Worker here.