rachel from miracle memorialHello! My name is Rachel.

Thank you for your interest in preserving your memories with Miracle Memorial! I’d like to think that every cremation piece I make for you can be turned into a miracle through art. It’s an honor to partake with you in the magic of memory preservation in this way through creativity. I hope that your cremation jewelry will stay with you for a lifetime and that it will bring you joy and comfort through your loss!

Each piece is handcrafted with love by me, a stay-at-home mom here in Baltimore, MD. Please support a minority and woman-owned small business. Made in the USA.

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What makes Miracle Memorial different from others?

The ashes are not mixed with chemicals other than adhesive. The ashes are not altered or colored, and there is no resin involved. A magnifying glass is used to encase the ashes into the stone, so the beauty of natural ash can be seen more vividly and in detail. Add-ons such as dried flowers, glitter or shimmer, and natural stones, shells, and crystals can be added to the stone alongside the ashes. As much as possible, nothing synthetic is used. The materials used are as real as your memories.

Because most if not all the elements in the stone are natural and neutral, each piece can be worn on any occassion, with any outfit, either casual or formal. You can take and wear your memorial jewrelry with you anywhere, anytime. Miracle Memorial’s cremation jewelry is very versatile, timeless, and classic.

Most if not all of the cremation pieces are small, dainty, and discrete—not big, bright, and conspicuous. The ashes are magnified through the glass in a way that you can still see the cremains very well no matter how small the stone you pick is.

Turn-Around Time

Turnaround time is very fast. You can have your piece in your hands within 1 business week of receiving the ashes (not when you order), excluding holidays.

Lifetime Guarantee

I want you to be happy with your cremation jewelry for the rest of your life, so every piece comes with a lifetime guarantee! Damage due to the creation process, to no fault of your own, can be repaired or replaced. Communication lines are always open!