See you in DC for CANA 105th Annual Cremation Innovation Convention!

This August 9-11, cremation specialists, funeral directors, and industry suppliers will be gathering in Washington, DC for CANA's 105th Annual Cremation Innovation Convention. Cremation Association of North America, or CANA has been around since 1913 and exists as a non-profit organization that aims to educate and provide resources for all things cremation. 

We're proud to announce that Miracle Memorial is now official CANA supplier members and industry suppliers for the organization and its members. We'll be there at the convention at booth 2 at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill. 

We've been going strong serving direct to consumers since 2018 and have been making DNA keepsakes since 2016. We've now embarked on a new journey, opening ourselves to serve our industry leaders in the funeral care world.

Taken from CANA's exhibitor page for our company:

Miracle Memorial is an industry supplier for fine custom cremation jewelry made with glass and precious metals. A leader in miniature glass cremation stones set in dainty but heirloom quality pieces, Miracle Memorial is an asset to the funeral home. They provide both classic and timeless pieces but also stay on top of trends to cater to both the older and newer generations' memorial needs.   

Miracle Memorial also offers very popular wearable urn keepsakes that can be purchased at your funeral home and taken home by customers the same day without sending any cremains. These are often bought in multiples and given as gifts to friends and family.   

Funeral homes can now provide the best of what the Internet has to offer with trending designs to their local communities. No more competing or sending customers away to purchase their cremation jewelry from online retailers such as Etsy and Amazon. Because Miracle Memorial's cremation stones are made with glass and not resin, they will never yellow over time or get sticky. They are made with thick, hard glass that is built to last. 

 Come check out happy customers' reviews on both Miracle Memorial's products!

See you there!


Suzie Baumann

Date 9/20/2023

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